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Martinez Little League is non-profit organization that needs the support from each family to help us thrive.  We are entirely volunteer driven and operated by a volunteer board.  In order to keep registration fees low, volunteer participation is MANDATORY for all families.  Martinez Little League is committed to providing a variety of opportunities to fit each family’s situation and abilities.

Below is a list of volunteers needed throughout the season and the description of what is expected from each position. One person from each family must sign up for a volunteer position. Any volunteer position that has direct contact with the players MUST complete a back ground check.

Team Manager:

The manager is a fun and exciting position, but also the most important position on the field.  Being a manager requires time, patients, and basic knowledge of the game of baseball / softball.  As a manager, you have more interaction with young people than anyone else.  It is important to that you understand the goals and virtues of Little League in order to effectively communicate with players.  Managers MUST complete a back ground check before the season.

Resposibilities –

·         Responsible for the execution of the Martinez Youth Baseball & Softball philosophies. (i.e. everyone plays, positive                          coaching, good sportsmanship, and having fun.)

·         Overall team leadership and accountability.

·         Attending mandatory meeting and coaching clinics

·         Have a team meeting with parents prior to the beginning of practice to provide information.

·         Communicate any information from the league to parents and players

·         Provide and collect paperwork needed prior to and throughout the season.

·         Plan each practice and each game prior to arriving to the field.

·         Pre game set up and post-game clean up (including locking gates as needed after games)

·         Provide batting line up and field positions prior to the start of each game.

·         Teach good sportsmanship, develop baseball/softball skills, practice team work, practice healthy competition, and most of             all have fun.

·         Respect rules, opponents, officials, and teammates.

·         Refrain from the use of insulting, embarrassing, foul, or abusive language. Be a good role model.

Team Coach:

A coach assists in the smooth functioning of a team.  They are assistants to managers and requires time, patients, and basic knowledge of the game of baseball / softball.  It is important to that you understand the goals and virtues of Little League in order to effectively communicate with players. Coach MUST complete a back ground check before the season.

Responsibilities –

·         Teach and demonstrate good sportsmanship by respecting rules, opponents, officials, and teammates.

·         Having understanding, patients, and capacity to work with children.

·         Refrain from the use of insulting, embarrassing, foul, or abusive language. Be a good role model.

·         Attend a mandatory coaches meeting and clinic.

·         Base coaching

·         Pre game set up and post game clean up

·         Assist the team manager with practice, games, and when/where needed.


Team Coordinator:

The team coordinator will perform a variety of tasks to support the off-field responsibilities of their team and ensure adequate parent financial and volunteer coverage at games and league functions. This position works closely with the Team Manager and Division Coordinator to ensure all duties are completed on deadlines.

Responsibilities –

·         Attend Team Coordinator orientation at the beginning of the season

·         Set up form on communication with the team (Team Snap, Shutterfly, email or other method for team communication.

·         Create and distribute a team roster with contact information for each player and family.

·         Distribute information, flyers and reminders from Division Coordinator & Team Manager to parents on a regular basis                  throughout the season.

·         Collect funds from parents for uniform personalization (if agreed by team), team banner, raffle basket, and other                            expenses such at end of the season party and coach gifts. Distribute collected funds to cover expenses.

·         Collect raffle ticket stubs from parents and deliver to Division Coordinator by deadline

·         Sell Little League Day tickets and Dinner Dance tickets to families. Turn in collected forms and funds to Division                            Coordinator.

·         Remind volunteers that signed up for team positions of deadlines and duties as they approach.


Dug Out Coordinator:

The dug out coordinator is responsible for the players when the team is in the dugout (offense).  The dug out coordinator MUST complete a back ground check before being in the dug out, on the field or any interaction with the players.


·         Keep players in dugout and on the bench

·         Make sure players are not holding bats while waiting for their ups.

·         Keep track of the batting order and keep players in line.

·         Make sure batter has batting helmet on and ready to go when their up.

·         Make sure players stay hydrated.

Score Keeper:

The scorekeeper is responsible for learning to keep score according to league and district procedures, keeping score during games, and reporting game scores.

Responsibilities –

·         Attend scorekeeper’s clinic as required for education of scorekeeping practices and policies.

·         Maintain scorekeeping book and make sure it is present at ALL games.

·         Obtain line up information and batting order for both teams prior to the game.

·         Accurately and carefully record hits, pitches, runs and other game details in score book.

·         Report official scores at the end of the game to the league email.


Banner Coordinator:

The banner volunteer is responsible for having the team banner made, safe keeping of the team and sponsor banner throughout the season, and making sure they are displayed at every team and league event. The banner is paid for by the money collected from each parent at the beginning of the season by the team coordinator and the team coordinator will give you the funds to pay for the banner.

Responsibilities –

·         Design or have the company design a 4’ X 6’ banner that includes the team name, team logo and/or mascot, players                         names and managers/coaches names.

·         Using funds collected by the team coordinator from each players family, purchase the banner or the supplies to make it,                ensuring it is ready for Parade/Picture day.

·         Make sure your team marches in the league parade with the team banner and sponsor banner (provided by the league)                   and both banners are at your teams picture times for display

·         Transport both team banner and sponsor banner to  each game throughout the season, make sure they are hung up on the             fence next to the teams dug out, and removed them at the end of each game.

Picnic Volunteer:

The picnic volunteer is responsible for helping with the set up, operation, or clean up of the annual league BBQ picnic during an assigned shift per division.  This is an obligation for 2 volunteers from every team.

Responsibilities –

·         Submit contact name and information of the volunteer to the team coordinator in a timely manner, by the deadline.

·         Show up for assigned shift on-time and check in with appropriate person.

·         Organize, cook and serve food.

·         Set up picnic area or clean up as directed by supervised board member.

·         Provide help when directed at other stations of the picnic as needed and/or appointed by board member.

Picture/Photo Coordinator:

The photo volunteer is responsible for distributing photo information, phot packets and picture times to parents for picture day. They are to collect any necessary payments and organize the team for pictures on picture day at check in time.

Responsibilities –

·         Distribute picture information and scheduled picture time to players families.

·         Send reminders as team picture day approaches.

·         Organize meeting location and line up players for team picture.

·         Distribute completed picture packets to families once photos have come in.

Sponsorship Coordinator:

The sponsorship coordinator is responsible for securing a team sponsor and getting all paperwork and payment turned in by the deadline.

Responsibilities –

·         Reach out to local businesses to obtain a $250 sponsorship for your team for the season

·         Complete sponsorship paperwork and collection of sponsorship check and turn it all into MYBS by the deadline.



Hit A Thon Coordinator:

The hit a thon volunteer is responsible for distributing hit a thon information, hit a thon envelopes  and hit a thon time to parent

The raffle basket volunteer is responsible for purchasing and/or getting donations, assembling and delivering the basket to be auctioned off at the League Dinner Dance.  This is a fundraising obligation from every team, regardless of team/parent presence at the dinner dance.

Responsibilities –

·         Select and plan a basket theme for your team’s basket. Try and be creative (beach, s’mores, family fun, date night, etc.)

·         Using funds collected from player’s families by the team coordinator, purchase contents for your team’s basket to be                       valued at $150

·         Assemble contents in a basket, or something similar to a basket, and wrap in cellophane.

·         Clearly label basket with complete list of contents, value, team name and division.

·         Delivery completed basket to the Division Coordinator by deadline (usually the week prior to the annual dinner dance)

 Snack Shack Coordinator:

The snack shack coordinator is responsible for scheduling of team parents to work in the snack shack at Hidden Lakes, Borman or Morello Park during games and to ensure parents are aware of and follow all snack shack procedures.  If parent fails to report for their shift, it is up to the snack shack coordinator to find a replacement worker, otherwise the manager will be pulled from the field to work the snack shack during that time. Snack shack is to remain opened and operating during games, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Responsibilities –

·         Attend snack shack coordinator meeting

·         Schedule an even rotation of parents from your team to work the snack shack during regular season games.

·         Provide a schedule to parents through list, email, team snap, etc. of their scheduled date and remind them prior to their                 scheduled date.

·         If team parent fails to show for snack shack shift, responsibility will fall to the snack shack coordinator or team                                coordinator to ensure the manager can remain on the field. It is the snack shack coordinators responsibility to ensure the               snack shack is opened and staffed with adults at every game.

·         Ensure all parents are provided clean information on how to properly open the snack shack, sell snacks and drinks, clean               and maintain, handle cash, and close down the snack shack securely at the end of the game.

·         Ensure all snack shack protocols are followed.



Team Snacks Coordinatior:

The team snack coordinator is responsible for coordinating snacks for the players after every game.


·         Provide a schedule for each parent to bring snacks to players after games. (drink and snack)

·         Send reminders to parents the day before the game to remind them of their snack day

Field Prep Volunteer:

Field prep volunteers assist managers with ensuring the field is prepared for game time and that all equipment is cared for and stored properly.

Responsibilities –

·         Remove equipment, including bases and pitching mound, from storage prior to games and set up on the field according to             division specifications.

·         Make sure the American Flag is set up at the beginning of every game and ensure it is taken down at the end of the day                   and stored properly.

·         Assist with save a secure storage of league equipment after games.

·         Hidden Lakes – make sure gates are locked at the end of the game.

Umpire Volunteers:

Volunteer umpires are responsible for providing fair and honest umpiring at select games throughout the league as scheduled. Martinez Little League will ensure you are trained and provide clinics to assist in umpiring.  

Responsibilities –

·         Learn official rules of play for various divisions as assigned, including attending clinics and reviewing materials.

·         Act as umpire for assigned games, making unbiased and fair decisions at all times.

·         Conduct yourself professionally at all times, conduct good sportsmanship and a positive environment among players,                     parents and spectators.

·         Communicate with the league VPs and board members as needed

Post Season Volunteers:

Post season volunteers perform a variety of duties to support the functions of post-season playoffs and tournaments.

Responsibilities –

·         Complete scorekeeping duties for one or more games. Carefully keep track of line ups, pitches, scores, and report                             information as directed.

·         Act as announcer for one or more games. Obtain line up information and announce, players names, scores, and other                     announcements as needed.

·         Act a tournament director. Greet teams and officials, provide information as needed, perform other duties as assigned.

·         Communicate with league officials as needed

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