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Martinez Little League


Picture Information 
Pictures will be at The Martinez Marina (Joe DiMaggio Fields), Field 4 at your designated picture times.

It's a new kind of picture day! There is no prepay necessary.
All you need to do it Opt-In/subscribe via text message, BEORE picture day.
Once pictures are ready for ordering, you will receive the link and access code to order. 

All orders are mailed directly to parents' homes (except league provided pictures). 
Parents MUST opt-in via text to receive the ordering link and special promotions 

Martinez Little League Access Code Info: 

League Special: Each child will receive 1- 5x7 team picture as a gift from Martinez Little League.

Attached is the picture schedule. Please arrive 15 minutes before picture time and check in once entire team has arrived. 
Make up pictures will be for Individual pictures only! Team pictures must be taken on picture day March 4th 

Field Status

Open Open

Waterfront (Marina) (11:45 AM | 04/04/23)

Open Open

Hidden Lakes Park (11:45 AM | 04/04/23)

Open Open

Joey Garcia Fields (Morello Park) (11:45 AM | 04/04/23)

Open Open

Brandon Borman Courage Field (11:45 AM | 04/04/23)

Open Open

Nancy Boyd (11:45 AM | 04/04/23)

Open Open

Tavan (Rankin Park) (11:45 AM | 04/04/23)